Chapter 3 Vibe Hardware

This chapter provides an overview of Vibe hardware.

The following is covered in this chapter:

3.1 Console

Front Panel View

Rear Panel View

3.2 Editor Controls

Editor Controls

Editor Controls are used to program and edit parameter values for all fixtures as well as create and edit objects such as cues and libraries.

[Vibe] Key (Shift Key)

• Numeric Key Pad § 4 Main encoder push wheels

• Trackball

[Next]/[Prev] Keys

• XYZ lock keys

[Res] Wheel resolution key

• Dedicated dimmer wheel

• Command select keys

• Object select keys

Navigation keys

3.3 Motorized Sliders and Qkeys

Motorized Slider and Qkey Controllers

15 individually paging 60mm Motorized slider potentiometers and 15 individually paging Qkey single button controllers, used to execute and control objects such as:

• Qlist Cues

• Scenes

• Effects Rate and Size

• Group selects

• Group Masters (Submasters)

• Libraries



3.4 Master Controller and Control Keys

Master Controller and Control Keys

• Non-motorized 100mm Sliders, used for Theatrical playback of cues

• Large [GO/BACK/HOLD] Keys for executing cues on the Master Controller

• Master Controller [SELECT] key

• Controller [RELEASE] Key

[LOAD] key to pre-load a controller for execution

• Controller [FREE] Key (unload)

12 [Controller Keys] to provide additional or missing functions to controllers.

[RATE] for overall or individual rate override of controllers

[TEACH] for BBM tap time

3.5 Aux Qkeys, Grand Master, and Global Controllers

Aux Qkeys, Grand Master, Blackout, and General Sliders

• 20 individually paging Auxiliary Qkey Controllers for single button execution of Cues, Scenes, Group Selects, Snaps and Macros.

• 5 Non-motorized single button Sliders for execution and control of Scenes, Cues, Group Masters (Submasters), Rate Masters, and Flash Masters.

• Grand Master Slider.

[BO] Blackout key with blackout option.

PATCH [PROGRAM] and [PLAY-B] Workspace Template keys available for accessing display pages.

[View], stores or executes display snapshots.