Chapter 5 File Management

This chapter deals with saving and loading Vibe show files as well as the importing of Compulite Vector show files.

The following is covered in this chapter:

5.1 Show Menu

The Show menu is the first item of the {VIBE} Menu. It contains 5 sub menus:

  1. {New Show} - Opens the New Show pop-up with options for {Cancel} {Don’t Save} {Save}.

  2. {Save Show} - Directly updates the current show file. A Save Progress pop-up will open and automatically close on completion of the save.

  3. {Save Show As…} - Opens the Save Show/Load Show Browser. New show files may be created or existing files may be overwritten.

  4. {Load Show} - Opens Save Show/Load Show Browser. Shows may be viewed as folders or lists.

Save Show/Load Show Browser

  1. {Load Vector Show} - (5.2 Load Vector Show).

5.2 Load Vector Show

Vector Shows may be loaded with the following limitations:


◾ If a matching device exists in Vibe that device will be used. Modes will be matched. 

◾ If a similar device exists, it will be used. Modes will try to be matched. 

◾ If no match or close match is found, a generic device will be created.


◾ Vector device parameter DMX will be mapped to Vibe parameter DMX.


◾ Qlists will be matched.

Cues and Cue Values:

◾ Matching Cues will be created with Vector cue parameter values matched to Vibe cue parameter values.

Temp Cues:

◾ Temp Cues are converted to Vibe Scenes.

Vector Submasters:

◾ Submasters are converted to Vibe Scene Submasters.


◾ Groups will be matched.


◾ Snaps will be mapped with Vector physical playbacks being mapped to Vibe virtual controllers when the number of Vector Playbacks exceeds the amount of Vibe Controllers.


◾ Currently not supported.


◾ Currently not supported but under development.

Vector PlaybacksVibe Controllers:

◾ Paging is matched and all button functions common to Vector and Vibe are matched.